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Immerse yourself in the emotive journey of
The Everlasting Energy of Love 
where each track is a heartfelt exploration of life's profound experiences – from the depths of love to the pains of loss.  With stirring melodies and soulful lyrics, this album connects with listeners on a deeply personal level, resonating with the shared emotions of the human experience. Join us as we embark on a transformative musical voyage that speaks to the heart and soul.


(The List)

A record that feels otherworldly and from another time yet remains absolutely current...If The Everlasting Energy Of Love came out of Memphis or Detroit, it would be rightly hailed as a cosmic masterpiece and garner global acclaim. Close your eyes as you sink into its riches, and make it so.


(The Scotsman)

..cosmic and contemplative...disco flavoured voyage of the soul...positively cathartic


(Arts Review Edinburgh)

There are simply no weak songs on this album...(they) clearly show both a songwriter and a lyricist of talent and skill with a very clear vision...

The Everlasting Energy of Love as an album deserves its place amongst all those classic soul albums of earlier years.

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